ContentBlocks 1.12.2-pl

A new patch release for ContentBlocks has arrived, just in time for MODXpo 2022! :balloon:

ContentBlocks 1.12.2-pl brings a collection of fixes and improvements to make your content building all the more easier. They’re mostly polishing a few rough edges in the transition to MODX 3, and one issue of note is fixing the rendering location of the ContentBlocks canvas.

In MODX 3, the resource editing form has had it’s structure changed, so when ContentBlocks rendered it’s canvas in place of the standard content field, it was also hiding some Form Customization regions. With this change, you can now use Form Customization to place your TVs in either the modx_content_above or modx_content_below regions, and they will appear above or below the ContentBlocks canvas. Never fear, we also made sure that rendering for MODX 2.x has stayed the same as it was. :slight_smile:

Enjoy the release, and see you all next Friday (either in person, or online) at MODXpo 2022!

Change log:

  • Fix z-index for select and multi-select when they open up instead of down. [#659]
  • Fix strict type checks not matching in MODX3 [S32003]; resolves resource/chunk/parser/media source references no longer resolving in cbGetFieldContent, cbHasField, chunk inputs, image uploads
  • Fix incorrect array index when packaging the ContentBlocks_RenderContent event. [#673]
  • Add MODX\Revolution\modDocument, Articles\Model\Article and Collections\Model\CollectionContainer to contentblocks.accepted_resource_types system setting. [#669]
  • Make sure new form customization regions aren’t removed when rendering the canvas in MODX3. [#672]

Hey Murray, this setting change seems not to exist in a new CB installation on MODX 3.

Hi @jako,
Apologies for the delayed response, I’m coming back from a bit of time off.
Hmm… thanks for the heads up, that’s certainly not intended! I’m adding that to our tracker and will look into it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @jako,
Just to let you know we’ve added a resolver in the next release, which will make sure the new classes are added on upgrade or install.