ContentBlocks 1.12.1-pl

A new release for ContentBlocks has arrived with a few bug fixes.

Fixes include: making sure the multi-select and color-picker settings render correctly when used in a modal as a setting for an input field. Ensuring multi-select settings generate output when used on an input field, preventing the template builder from breaking when the system setting contentblocks.canvas_position was set to “block”, “tab1” or “tab2”, and making sure the icons and margins are right when using ContentBlocks with MODX 3.

If you haven’t tried ContentBlocks with MODX 3 yet, be sure to checkout the “contentblocks.canvas_position” system setting. With it, you can put the canvas on a separate tab, make ContentBlocks the main tab (with Document being the second tab), or move the canvas below where the resource content field would normally be, giving yourself more room in which to design your layouts!

Full changelog for 1.12.1:

  • Fix multi-select and color-picker not rendering correctly when used as a field setting in a modal. [#656]
  • Fix output missing for multi-select field setting. [#655]
  • Fix canvas margin in MODX 3 when positioned as a block, and add padding to template builder. [#654]
  • Fix template builder breaking when contentblocks.canvas_position is set to block, tab1 or tab2. [#657]
  • Fix some icons not rendering in MODX 3 due to the switch to FontAwesome 5. [#658]
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