ContentBlocks 1.12.0-rc3

We’ve just released the third release candidate for ContentBlocks v1.12.0!
In case you haven’t yet heard about all the exciting new features, you can read more in the official announcement here.

To upgrade, just click the upgrade button in the MODX package manager. And don’t forget to make a backup before upgrading! :slight_smile:

In addition, 1.12.0-rc3 brings a couple of improvements, and a whole slew of bug fixes. A BIG thank you to all of you who took the time to report issues you were having with the new features. We’re aiming for this to be the final release candidate before going stable with 1.12.0-pl.

In this latest release, both dropdown input types, and select settings have a new Search Enabled property which defaults to off. If left off, your dropdowns will continue to behave the same way; but it enabled, dropdown fields will include a search (typeahead) field that allows users to quickly find the value they’re looking for. Perfect for large lists!

We’ve also included the ability to upload, and crop animated GIF images, keeping the animation.

See the full changelog here:

ContentBlocks 1.12.0-rc3
Released on 2021-12-16

- Allow for animated crops with image input types.
- Add typeahead mode for standard dropdown fields, and select settings. [#642]

Bug fixes:
- Fix new description fields not being updated for settings. [#637]
- Fix grids not resizing correctly on manager page. [#640]
- Fix multi-select settings not rendering correctly on modals [#636]
- Fix multi-select exposed as settings only rendering the last one if more than one layout of the same type used [#638]
- Fix with of 'Use ContentBlocks?' combo for MODX 3.x [#633]
- Fix width of 'no default layout' error textarea [#633]
- Fix 'undefined' showing in template field when creating new input type [#634]
- Fix error when using runProcessor while updating layout setting in MODX 3.x [#635]
- Fix broken url for "Layout requested but does not exist" error
- Fix hidden spacer tab being clickable on manager page. [#641]
- Fix image upload processing not preserving animation. [#639]

As always, if you encounter any problems or have a great feature idea, don’t hesitate to contact support.