ContentBlocks 1.12.0-pl

Following on from the arrival of the third release candidate a few weeks ago, today we see the stable release of ContentBlocks 1.12.0-pl! :tada:

If you haven’t yet heard about all the exciting new features that version 1.12 brings to the table, such as new input types and settings (searchable dropdowns, color pickers, multi-selects, checkboxes), Magic Preview compatibility, field and setting descriptions on the canvas etc., then check out the release announcement here.

This 1.12.0-pl release brings a few bug fixes for issues reported in the last release candidate related editing templates, as well as adding an optional separator/delimiter property for the new multi-select inputs and settings.

Available now from the modmore package provider!

Don’t forget, you can download premium modmore extras like ContentBlocks today, and try them out at no charge with our free development licenses. :slight_smile:

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