Content Blocks in MODX 3

I’ve been testing and trying MODX 3 for a couple weeks before using it on any new or existing live websites.

I’ve noticed that the Content area that Content Blocks uses is now only on the Document tab. That’s fine, except the Document tab now has the Publishing, Template and Behavior in Menu information in a column on the far right, rather than above the Content area.

In MODX 3 this reduces the width of the area available to edit the website content in Content blocks.

If you have a multicolumn layout in Content Blocks, and you’re editing a website on a laptop rather than a large screen monitor, the narrow width will make it much more difficult for our clients.

It seems odd to only have the Content area in the Document tab when the Document tab has the least amount of width space for editing the website Content.

We’ve been using Content Blocks on most website we build, and our clients love it, but this makes using MODX 3 with Content Blocks much less desirable.

Is there any future plan to deal with this?

Maybe moving the “Publishing, Template and Behavior in Menu” info to the Settings tab?

Or moving the Content area and/or Content Blocks to it’s own tab with full width available?

We’re looking forward to using MODX 3 with Content Blocks in the future when we think it is best for our clients usability, until then we’ll need to stay with MODX 2.8.4 if we want to use Content Blocks.



There’s a contentblocks.canvas_position system setting. You can set that to block to make ContentBlocks use a full-width section of its own, or tab1 or tab2 to have it move the content canvas to a separate tab.

The default value, inherit, places the canvas where the content field originally was, which is the recommended option for MODX 2.x.

For MODX 3.x, we recommend using block to give it its own dedicated space. :slight_smile:

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Hi Mark,

Thanks. I see that setting now. I tried it and it does solve the issue!!

Thank you very much for pointing it out!!!