ConsentFriend depending on geo position

Hi there,

I have a few CF questions, the answers to which I could not find in the documentation, please tell me a little more in detail:

1.can we show a different consent based on region through ConsentFriend? (f.e. North America and Europe have different consents)? If yes - how to organize geolocation technically by MODX? Or using some third-party solutions?
2. What if a user does not agree to share his or her location with the website? My response is that I believe we will always know location based on IP but we just won’t be able to track past that, correct?
3. So if someone from the US were to visit EU they would receive the Accept/Decline/Configure option for cookies while in EU…correct?

Thanks in advance,

There are some IP based geolocation extras available. Maybe it is possible, to switch the service settings of ConsentFriend with them. If you ask me I would better use not Geolocation and restrict the use of external services to something worldwide compatible.