Confused by SimpleCart placeholders (scCartRow)

Hi there,

in our current project we need to provide a “minicart” which only shows the subtotal price including VAT in each cart-row.

The problem is I cant find an appropriate placeholder for this. A similar placeholder (but without VAT) is:


I already tried:


but this didn’t work.

Here is the complete cartRow chunk:

<tr class="mci">
    <td class="mci-thumb"><img class="mci-thumb" src="[[+product.product_image]]" alt=""></td>
    <td class="mci-name">
        <a href="[[~[[]]]]">
            <small>Produkt ID: [[+product.product_code]]</small>
    <td class="mci-quantity">
        <input type="number" name="quantity&#91;[[+product.key]]&#93;" min="0" value="[[+product.totals.quantity]]">
    <td class="mci-price">[[+product.totals.subtotal_ex_vat_formatted]]</td>
    <td class="mci-remove"><button type="submit" name="remove&#91;[[+product.key]]&#93;" class="mini-cart-button pull-right"><i class="fa fa-trash-o" aria-hidden="true"></i><span class="sr-only">Entfernen</span></button></td>

Which would be the right placeholder in this case?

In general the SC placeholders are confusing some times. Here is a sample:


And this for example I cant find in documentation (except in chunk source code):


Why using vat and sometimes tax - difference?
A complete list (reference) of available placeholders would be fine! Or do I miss something here?


Hi @gadgetto,

According to you should be using [[+product_tax_in]] (or [[+product.product_tax_in]] if you have a prefix), have you tried that?

Hi Mark thanks for your reply but,

[[+product_tax_in]] (or [[+product.product_tax_in]] wont work, as I need a subtotal value (respecting the quantity) of a cart row and not a single product value.

But I found the right placeholder for this case in SimpleCart source code:


Ah, your screenshot put me on the wrong path as your arrow pointed to the product total, not the cart total. Glad you found it though! :smiley:

The arrow pointed to the right part. I need the subtotal price in a cart row respecting the quantity. Not the cart total.

Is there any chance that we get an updated documentation soon?
The current docu is far too incomplete.