Commerce v1.2.2

Today we’ve released Commerce 1.2.2, with some more bug fies for you.

Heads up: we’re updating the minimum PHP requirement to 7.2 in Commerce 1.3.

  • [core] Make sure an order that transitions into processing state always has the order reference set. This covers an edge case where an order is created in the checkout, but then manually confirmed in the dashboard. [#859]
  • [dashboard] Fix wrong documentation links in the statuses check [S29486]
  • [emails] Default outgoing emails now include the customers’ email address and phone number [#841]
  • [modules] Prevent double-escaping text in the Basic Custom Fields module [#815]
  • [products] Add support for infinite products on resource products [#839]
  • [setup] Move SSL root certificates resolver to after dependencies are installed to avoid early warnings, and change wording to clarify what it’s doing

Dependency updates:

  • mollie/mollie-api-php updated from v2.37.0 to v2.37.1
  • stripe/stripe-php updated from v7.92.0 to v7.97.0