Commerce v1.1.2

Been a while, but we have some new fixes for Commerce ready. In v1.1.2, you’ll find the following fixes:

- [core]        Relax minimum PHP requirements back down to v7.1+
- [core]        Increase the size of and fields [#571]
- [countries]   Fix isInEuropeanUnion check (countries availability, taxes) using incorrect "UK" and "EL" country codes, that should have been (and now is) "GB" and "GR" [#542]
- [modules]     Basic Custom Fields: spaces around the field name are now ignored [F1981]
- [payments]    Expired Mollie transactions are now recognised as having failed
- [payments]    Improve Stripe webhook logic to be able of identifying transaction records for already completed transactions [#551]
- [invoices]    Render MODX tags in invoices [S22302]
- [settings]    Fix reference to time_format instead of commerce.time_format for the time formatter
- [taxes]       Rewrote most of the EU VAT Validator to better account for UK/GB and EL/GR country codes and improve automated tests

- commerceguys/addressing updated from v1.0.6 to v1.0.7
- mollie/mollie-api-php updated from v2.12.1 to v2.17.0