Commerce v1.1.0-rc2

Commerce v1.1.0-rc2 is now available in the pre-releases channel.

Following the new features and improvements in 1.1.0-rc1, this release includes a couple of bug fixes and further improvements to the Stripe and Braintree gateways to offer more flexibility and an improved likelihood of using 3D Secure 2.0 with transparent authentication.

Here’s the changelog for 1.1.0-rc2:

  • [core] Fix incorrect setting reference in shared data (3+)
  • [core] Update comOrderEmailMessage to use the TwigView instead of Twig [#452]
  • [dashboard] Fix displaying email messages in the order view [S20788]
  • [dashboard] Fix SQL error (and missing tax collected data) on Configuration > Tax Rates with MySQL only_full_group_by mode enabled [#451]
  • [gateways] Stripe: Pass billing address, including for anonymous users without a Customer record
  • [gateways] Stripe: Fix JavaScript error, caused by quotes in translations [S20779]
  • [gateways] Braintree: transaction information is now available again in the transaction details [#450]
  • [gateways] Braintree: add properties to enable/disable 3D Secure (optionally requiring liability shift), PayPal, and Kount anti-fraud [#448]
  • [gateways] Braintree: add additional information to increase odds of using 3D Secure 2.0 [#448]
  • [modules] Fix ItemData module not remembering price due to missing is_manual_price in v1.1 [S20808]
  • [products] Fix price index not being written/updated for newly created products [S20812]
  • [templates] Prevent passing an incorrect value to the format_address filter from causing a fatal error
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