Commerce v1.0.2

One of the cool things of seeing new users adopt Commerce now that 1.0 is available is that their fresh perspective often leads to fresh ideas and bug reports. In that spirit, special shout out to BigBlock Studios for reporting 7 of the 11 fixes/small improvements in Commerce v1.0.2 :wink:

The most important fix in v1.0.2 is an issue with calculating shipment totals for session orders, which could cause the cart to show wrong weight-based/tablerates-based shipping costs, and product prices not being shown on matrices in the back-end.

Here’s a full list of the changes in v1.0.2:

  • [cart] Fix incorrect shipping calculation for weight-based shipping on orders stored in session [#399]
  • [dashboard] Fix coupons with max usage set to 0 not appearing as unlimited, but as unavailable [S20074]
  • [dashboard] Fix hardcoded English strings on coupon code form [S20074]
  • [dashboard] Slightly reword the description for the class_key to indicate saving an object reloads the form [S20197]
  • [dashboard] Fix emptying a multiselect field not working (e.g. product restrictions on coupons) [#369]
  • [dashboard] Slight change in nomenclature for statuses: “Name” => “Status Label”, and “State” => “Order State” for clarity [S20197]
  • [discounts] Fix “Encountered empty IN condition with key id” triggered in free product discount
  • [statuses] Refunded state is not yet implemented; remove it as option when creating a status [S20197]
  • [statuses] Fix event_name property field missing from the Event status change action [S20197]
  • [taxes] Fix error in TaxJar integration [#409]
  • [matrix] Fix prices being missing from the product matrix [S20177]

Heads up: if you’re still on 0.12 or before, please make sure to check the upgrade notes (for each minor version you’re upgrading) to ensure everything will work as it should and any manual template changes are applied.