Commerce now available for translation on CrowdIn + translation reward

As with other extras here at modmore, I’ve set up CrowdIn as a way to handle translations. CrowdIn offers a nice UI for translations, with some useful features like a “translation memory” that shows similar texts, and machine translations.

:arrow_right: The CrowdIn page can be found here

I just finished the Dutch translation using CrowdIn and it took me about 2 hours of work (with a bit of help). I’m hoping for some help with the other languages from the amazing MODX community :wink:

In the past we’ve gotten many translations for other extras without offering a reward, however as Commerce is quite some work I’ll add a little :moneybag: of €75 per complete translation, or €7,50 credit per 10% translated* added to your account, as a thank you.

All you have to do to claim the €75 for a complete translation, or the €7,50 credit per 10% completed, is to head to CrowdIn and translate Commerce, and send an email to when you’re done and I’ll get you sorted.

This offer is only for the countries listed on the CrowdIn page (At time of writing: Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Russian). If you want to translate a different language please send me an email and I’ll check if we have enough users using that language to extend the offer to the requested language.

The offers in this post are valid until July 1st 2017.

(* As a reminder, modmore (affiliate) credit works as a discount on future purchases. If you’ve been awarded credit and want it paid out via bank transfer/paypal, that is possible from a minimum amount of credit. Normally the minimum is €50, but for translators I’ll accept payout requests from €30 (40% translated) until July 1st 2017)