Commerce 1.3.0-rc3-rc7

Last week, we released Commerce 1.3.0-rc3 to 1.3.0-rc6 with the following changes and fixes:

  • [core] Fix broken invoice increment calculation when using commerce.invoice_increment_reset_yearly
  • [core] Add missing comInvoice → comOrder relation to model
  • [core] Check required PHP extensions during setup to avoid errors later when composer checks them and files have already been replaced [#1148]
  • [checkout] Allow unsetting a separate shipping address by providing “same” as value, when the billing address is templated as the primary address
  • [coupons] Fix coupon usage not having the saved discount for percentage-based coupons [S35149]
  • [dashboard] Render email previews inside an iframe to avoid manager styling from affecting the email
  • [exports] Fix html and xsls reports not being generated correctly
  • [exports] Fix tax summary report not containing the percentage for each tax rate
  • [gateways] Fix Mollie on-site card payment script not initiating on AJAX-enhanced checkouts
  • [templates] Update emails/shipping-confirmation.twig template and default status change to use order.reference instead of

v1.3.0-rc4 and 1.3.0-rc5 were test builds to ensure the added PHP extension checking worked as expected on various environments.

Today we released Commerce 1.3.0-rc7 with two further fixes:

  • [setup] Fix composer dependency installation failing [S35228]
  • [gateways] Mollie: fix embedded credit card form not switching to live mode. Note this requires a fix in the frontend/gateways/mollie/mollie_card.twig template, so that may require tweaking in custom themes.
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