Commerce 1.2.1

Commerce 1.2.1 is now available. This release includes only a few changes, but they’re worth discussing in some detail.

First of all, 1.2.1 fixes an important tax issue that was introduced in 1.2.0-pl. It does not affect 1.1 or earlier 1.2 release candidates, however if you’re on 1.2.0 this would be an important update to apply.

The issue was that Commerce failed to remove no longer valid tax rates from an order, so if the user changed their address or something else caused rates to shift during checkout, it would show (but not actually calculate) duplicate and confusing tax records.

Special shout-out to Isaac for figuring this one out.

Secondly, the order summary sent to Mollie is now limited to 5 items. This summary is included in the metadata which has a limit of 1024 bytes, so large orders could cause that to be exceeded. Now the included item names are capped at 50 characters and 5 items at most, to avoid transactions failing.

Finally, dependencies are now installed during the package installation. This is a bit of a behind the scenes change that doesn’t actually affect functionality, but it means the Commerce download from our provider is much quicker and smaller, though if it needs to update and download a lot of dependencies the installer may be a bit slower.

We’ve tested this new way of installing dependencies on several environments, but if you encounter any issues with it please let us know. It is admittedly a somewhat experimental approach we haven’t yet seen others use in the MODX world.

Note that we are aware of the deprecation and psr-0 warnings that are shown during the installation. At the moment those can be safely ignored, and we’re hoping to fix those in Commerce 1.3.

On a related note, we’re bumping the minimum PHP version to 7.2 (and possibly even 7.3) in Commerce 1.3. This should not affect most of you as 75% of recently used sites are on 7.3 or higher, but if you’re on 7.1 (the current minimum)… now would be a good time to investigate what it would take to upgrade to a supported version of PHP.