Commerce 1.1.1 (especially for MODX Cloud users)

Commerce ships with third party dependencies that we regularly keep up to date, and with Commerce 1.1.0-pl we upgraded the Guzzle library to 6.5.0. Guzzle is used to send requests and interacting with APIs, for example in the Autofill GeoIP, CloudPrint, TaxJar, EUVat and EUVatValidator modules.

However, Guzzle v6.5.0 included a new feature (support for IDN conversion) which does not work as expected on servers that have an old ICU version installed. That includes MODX Cloud, and supposedly most servers running on CentOS 6. A fix for Guzzle is in the works and I’ve also notified MODX Cloud support so they may also resolve it from their end.

In the meantime Commerce v1.1.1 is available which downgrades Guzzle to 6.4.1. If you run your shop on MODX Cloud or a CentOS 6 server, and updated to v1.1.0 released Wednesday, we strongly suggest updating to v1.1.1 as soon as possible.

To check if your host is affected, go to Manage > System Info > phpinfo() and check the “ICU Version” shown in the “intl” section. If the version is 4.6 or higher, or if the intl section is not shown at all, you’re fine.

Have a great weekend!