Commerce 1.0.0-rc4

Commerce v1.0.0-rc4 is now available, which will hopefully be the last release candidate before the official 1.0.0-pl.

In this release we’ve introduced a Price Index, which is a separate table that holds only the product price in different currencies. With that price index, we’ve fixed sorting on price in the get_products snippet and the get_matrix_price snippet now returns the right prices as well.

There’s also a new render_taxed_price snippet which will render a price including taxes and discounts. For most use cases, simply using the [[+price_rendered]] (or {{ price_rendered }}) placeholder is sufficient, but if you sell internationally and manage product prices exclusive of taxes, this new snippet can help you to render the real price the customer will be charged on a product page.

Full changelog for Commerce 1.0.0-rc4:

  • [core] New ProductPriceIndex table has been added which contains an index of standard product prices, to ease filtering and querying against currency-specific prices
  • [checkout] Cart and checkout now respond with “application/json” content type header when returning JSON [#387]
  • [dashboard] Fix modal sizes not adjusting when selecting/removing a product image [S19891]
  • [modules] DefaultAddress and AutoFillGeoIP modules now also fire on the order calculate event, so integrations outside checkout can access expected address
  • [orders] Make sure the right context gets set [S19862]
  • [orders] Fix dates < 24 hours ago being shown as today, even if it was yesterday [#385]
  • [shipping] Fix weight getting truncated when larger than 1000 in certain locales
  • [snippets] get_matrix_price now fetches prices from the ProductPriceIndex
  • [snippets] &sortby=price on get_products and get_matrix_first_product now uses the ProductPriceIndex
  • [snippets] Add commerce.render_taxed_price snippet that can be used to render the real price of a product for the customer, including tax and discounts


  • symfony/event-dispatcher updated from v2.8.49 to v2.8.50
  • symfony/http-foundation updated from v2.8.49 to v2.8.50
  • twig/twig updated from v1.38.4 to v1.39.1