Commerce 1.0.0-pl

Aside from being a massive milestone and the first official stable release of Commerce, v1.0.0-pl also contains some fixes:

  • [dashboard] Remove the beta warning now that we’re officially stable :party:
  • [dashboard] Fix smart date formatting with UTF-8 characters
  • [products] Prevent numeric/bool TV values for the resource product pricing TV from causing errors
  • [products] Remove Pricing field from Resource Products; those should be managed on the resource now.
  • [payments] Fix payment exception being triggered when a Mollie payment is still pending when the customer returns to the checkout (e.g. bank transfers); that now redirects the user to the mollie checkout page [#302]
  • [core] comSessionCartOrderItem->getOrder() can now return a db-persisted order as well


  • twig/twig updated from v1.39.1 to v1.40.1