Commerce 0.8.2 fixes shipping method bugs

Commerce 0.8 was a big release, which unfortunately had more bugs than expected. Today’s release of v0.8.2 resolves several issues related to configuring and showing the appropriate shipping methods in the checkout, so you should update as soon as possible.

If you’re on 0.7 or earlier, please see the v0.8 announcement for information on breaking changes in that release.

Thanks to our testers for reporting these issues and being patient with us when issues like these come up. We’ll be improving our automated test suite to prevent bugs like these from happening when we make changes in the future, especially as we enter the beta.

Changelog for Commerce 0.8.2

  • [dashboard] Fix creating/editing a shipping method with only 1 delivery type available causing the delivery type to be set to 0 [S12251]
  • [modules] Fix incorrect error handling in AutoFillGeoIp causing a fatal error if it could not connect
  • [gateways] Make sure the OmniPay Card is filled with as much data as possible, including correct email value
  • [shipments] Fix shipping methods not being available on orders while they should be, due to bug in Order Shipments getting the incorrect order