Commerce 0.5: & MultiSafePay gateways, new email templates, and bug fixes

Commerce 0.5 is now available for alpha testers. The release has a whole bunch of bug fixes, and also adds and MultiSafePay support.

Here’s the changelog for this release:

  • [dashboard] Fix product and order links on the dashboard
  • [dashboard] Prevent issue loading modules from breaking the backend
  • [dashboard] Fix issue in Firefox where prices could not be edited [#130]
  • [dashboard] Add license status to the configuration checklist [#106]
  • [checkout] Fix enter in the cart quantity field submitting with the remove item button
  • [checkout] Fix cart/checkout when friendly urls are off, and the xhtml_urls setting is on [#128]
  • [gateways] Rewrite client-side payment handling
  • [gateways] Add gateway, using the Accept.js integration (on-site JavaScript AIM)
  • [gateways] Add MultiSafePay gateway
  • [orders] Fix PHP notice: Undefined index: total
  • [setup] Use PHP 5.3 array style in setup options to make sure install doesn’t break before the requirements validator
  • [emails] Add new email templates for order confirmation and shipping notifications
  • [modules] Log an error when a module class can’t be loaded
  • [snippets] Fix get_product and get_products snippet not being installed
  • [snippets] Fix get_products snippet not loading all products when separated by a comma