Commerce 0.12.1

Following last week’s stable release of 0.12.0 we’ve now made 0.12.1 available with a load of bug fixes.

Many of these bugs came from the address refactoring in 0.12 as well as some more tweaks to the product matrix.

Here’s the full changelog, highlights in bold.

  • [core] Make sure modules lexicon is always loaded
  • [checkout] Only show addresses in the checkout with the pre-0.12 “remember” flag enabled
  • [dashboard] Fix number fields removing leading 0’s, preventing use of decimals < 1 [S19168]
  • [dashboard] Fix search by customer not working in the orders tab [#328]
  • [dashboard] The internal key for order item adjustments is now available as title on the detailed item calculation
  • [dashboard] DeleteFormWidget instances can now override a deleteRecord method to affect how a record is removed
  • [dashboard] Enhanced select fields no longer sort client-side, leaving sort order to be determined by server side
  • [dashboard] Make sure that overflowing buttons break on full words [#323]
  • [discounts] Fix user(group) discounts applying based on admin user, instead of customer user, when editing order items
  • [matrix] All resource fields, and TVs configured in the commerce.matrix.load_tvs setting, are now available to SKU/name templates on a matrix [#327]
  • [matrix] Fix base weight matrix configuration using the currency input
  • [matrix] Fix the “Manage Matrix Options” button not being updated with a new link when a copied matrix was moved/duplicated or a new matrix was created
  • [orders] The order log now tracks the user that triggered an action
  • [orders] Adding/removing/changing quantity of items, and adding/modifying addresses in the dashboard now triggers the appropriate log message
  • [package] Now checking new MODX and PHP version minimum policy:
  • [payments] Fix billing information not being sent to payment gateways
  • [products] Weight unit field now uses the order following the units defined in the allowed_weight_unit setting [#326]
  • [products] Validate weight units to prevent errors, unrecognised units now fall back to kg [#325]
  • [products] Make sure a product bundle has been saved before trying to create the related product links [S19468]
  • [reports] Now setting the proper Content-Type header when downloading reports, to fix issue with .html extension added by Safari [#320]