Commerce 0.12.0-rc4

I’m please to share the 4th release candidate for Commerce 0.12 with you. To learn more about what’s new in the 0.12 branch, please see these blog posts:

When updating, please also see v0.12 - modmore documentation for optional manual upgrades in 0.12.

0.12.0-rc4 contains the following changes:

  • [core] Fix “Attempt to set NOT NULL field to NULL” by replacing NULL values in FormWidget with the field default instead
  • [core] Fix “PHP warning: strtotime() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given” in the DateTimeField
  • [dashboard] Fix scrollable height being 55px short of the full view and not being initialised when opening a modal window
  • [dashboard] Fix tabs behaving incorrectly when hidden inputs were present
  • [dashboard] Fix products grid not opening resource product edit/view links in a new tab [S19201]
  • [dashboard] Add small modmore logo and the current Commerce version to the dashboard footer
  • [dashboard] Add new “About Commerce” section under Configuration that lists used open source libraries
  • [elements] Make the TVs use lexicons in the input options dropdown (Thanks Jako)
  • [modules] New \Commerce::EVENT_DASHBOARD_LOAD_ABOUT event allows you to add your own composer packages to Configuration > About
  • [modules] Event\AddressValidation no longer requires an order, and getOrder() is deprecated
  • [payments] BaseGateway->preparePurchaseCard now returns a CreditCard object instead of an array
  • [payments] CommercePayments.loadAsynchronously now allows callbacks to bubble (useCapture)
  • [reports] Fix “PHP notice: Array to string conversion” caused by incorrect default value

rc4 is (hopefully!) the last pre-release before 0.12 is promoted to the stable channel.