Commerce 0.12.0-pl, improvements and lots of fixes

Commerce 0.12 is now officially in the stable release channel, with a ton of fixes and improvements.

For a rundown of some of the new features, see the earlier announcements:

The 0.12.0-pl release fixes a number of reported issues and improves matrix handling on duplicated resources. Full list of changes below.

  • [addresses] Make sure addresses are not stored on a user profile until they validated
  • [core] Revolution Adapter’s getOption method now passes through to Commerce->getOption which is context-aware
  • [core] Prevent E_NOTICE error when providing comOrderItem->get with an array
  • [checkout] AJAX requests to cart/checkout now receive additional formatted values
  • [dashboard] Fix invalid license not being shown as such in the checklist
  • [dashboard] When viewing/managing orders, the stored context is now used to make context-specific setting available
  • [dashboard] Order overview now offers a context filter if orders from multiple contexts exist
  • [dashboard] Fix incorrect timezone used in order details
  • [dashboard] Fix the MODX header expanding to full size on Firefox
  • [dashboard] Fix incorrect icon for Add Product button [S19468]
  • [frontend] Add !default to Sass settings so you can import and change the default styles more easily [S19296]
  • [products] Make products in a matrix visible again in the products list, with links to the resource the matrix is on
  • [products] When using the matrix, it will now identify when the resource was duplicated and offer to start with an empty matrix/copy the products/move the products.
  • [snippets] Fix incorrect error message in get_product snippet [S19223]
  • [snippets] Add get_matrix_price and get_matrix_first_product snippets to help build your catalog when using the Product Matrix
  • [taxes] Fix EU VAT Rate Provider using the incorrect country code for the United Kingdom. Previously used “UK”, now the proper “GB” per ISO-3166. If you relied on the incorrect behavior, you may need to tweak your tax rules.
  • [templates] Use new commerce.account.remember_me lexicon for the “rememberme” text in account.twig
  • [tvs] Fix “dom is null” error when loading a resource with a Commerce TV
  • [tvs] Fix edited/inserted products having nested markup
  • [tvs] Work around obscure issue in Firefox 65 causing the inability to save a resource after unlinking a product in a list TV
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