Commerce 0.11.4

We’ve just released Commerce 0.11.4 to address some bugs and make some improvements to reports.


  • If your MySQL is configured in strict mode, you should find reports work a bit better by default, and issues saving resource products introduced in 0.11.3 have been fixed.
  • A race condition where coupons could not be applied because applying the discount would put the order total below the minimum order total has been fixed
  • The get_product snippet now loads the first valid product - previously it would only look at the first product ID provided, and no product information would be loaded if that first ID was invalid or belongs to a removed product.
  • Various reports have been given new filter options (from/until selection, status filter on Orders report, country grouping on Top Products report) and the Orders report has been given a bit more logical date formatting and a new guest_checkout column.

Here’s the full changelog for 0.11.4:

  • [coupons] Fix coupons being removed when the discount puts the order total below the minimum order total for the coupon [#182]
  • [customers] Fix customer total of orders not showing up MySQL strict (only_full_group_by) mode [S18536]
  • [dashboard] SelectField now has a new emptyOption to prefix optionsClass results with a “(none)” option
  • [products] Fix Resource Product type casting, leading to MySQL validation issues preventing objects from being saved, seemingly introduced in 0.11.3 [S18576]
  • [reports] Daily Sales and TopProducts report now always groups on currency; resolves issue with MySQL strict (only_full_group_by) mode [#281]
  • [reports] BaseReport now has a applyFromUntilFilter method to easily apply from/until filtering
  • [reports] Fix incorrect headings in Transactions report
  • [reports] Orders report now formats timestamps (DATE_ATOM instead of Unix timestamps)
  • [reports] Orders report now has a new column for guest checkout, guest_checkout is removed from properties
  • [reports] Orders report now has a Status filter [#288]
  • [reports] Orders, Top Products and Daily Sales reports now have a from/until date selector
  • [reports] Allow Top Products report to be grouped by country [S18536]
  • [snippets] The get_product snippet will now use the first valid product when provided a list of product IDs
  • [tvs] Fix Products TV not loading all the appropriate assets/configuration through the Generator [#304]

If you haven’t upgraded to 0.11 yet, take a look at the upgrade notes in the documentation.

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