Commerce 0.11.1 fixes more bugs

Commerce 0.11.1 is now available with a bunch of bug fixes as well as a new module to help you require terms and conditions to be accepted.

Here’s what has changed:

  • [checkout] Fix missing “commerce.gateway.cc_form_loading” lexicon, used by Braintree gateway
  • [checkout] Don’t show field errors at the top of the form when address validation isn’t satisfied [S17148]
  • [checkout] Fix locale-specific issue with Manual tax rates with decimals that would cause duplicate tax records [S17170]
  • [coupons] Fix coupons only applying once to an order when it should be applied to each item
  • [dashboard] Fix “Top 5 Products” widget on dashboard with ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY mysql mode
  • [dashboard] Add new LengthUnitField form field (Thanks Tony Klapatch!)
  • [dashboard] Fix E_WARN for count expects first parameter to be array, caused by FormWidget [#290]
  • [dashboard] Fix not using the full height of the manager in MODX3
  • [package] Fix installation in MODX3
  • [modules] Fix AutoFillGeoIp module not setting the country properly even if it has results (since v0.10.4) [S16900]
  • [modules] Add new AcceptTerms module that requires a user to accept terms and conditions on the payment step
  • [snippets] Add &loadShipments to the get_order and get_orders snippet that will load the shipments and associated shipping method [S17183]

For a recap of what’s new in v0.11, visit the announcement on the blog:

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