Commerce 0.11.0-pl now available

With a couple more bug fixes we’re now satisfied to call Commerce 0.11 stable. This is an impressive release with lots of new features and improvements across the checkout and dashboard.

Learn more about 0.11 in these posts on the blog:

This is a list of fixed issues in v0.11.0-pl:

  • [checkout] Fix shipping total excl taxes being sent to payment gateways, potentially preventing payments from being captured if shipping is taxed [S16939]
  • [checkout] Fix shipping not being included in total if the delivery type’s tax group does not return a valid rate provider [#273]
  • [dashboard] Log message to the MODX error log if a record can’t be handled by a FormWidget because it is the wrong type
  • [dashboard] Make sure barcode field is a number, otherwise might cause SQL errors on strict mode
  • [dashboard] Respect Section::$priority for ordering of sections when generating pages
  • [dashboard] Sections without a set priority now get one set automatically when calling addSection, in multiples of 5
  • [dashboard] Add commerce-ignore-jsnav class to add to links or nav items to make them bypass the javascript navigation [#277]
  • [core] Fix “comOrderShipment: Attempt to set NOT NULL field order to NULL” getting logged [#276]
  • [core] Fix issue getting total number of sold products from the database with only_full_group_by MySQL mode [#275]