Commerce 0.10.8

We’ve just shipped Commerce 0.10.8. This release has a number of useful bug fixes. In particular, the enforce stock module was refactored to also track stock changes while a customer is checking out, preventing overselling of products, and removing coupons from orders also removes the discount again.

Here’s a list of what we’ve fixed in this release:

  • [core] Fix comOrderShipment->getDeliveryType incorrectly loading delivery type (affecting shipment[n].delivery_type variable in checkout)
  • [coupons] Fix coupon discount not being removed when removing the coupon [#241]
  • [coupons] Fix hardcoded English strings in frontend/checkout/cart/aside.twig (related to applied coupons) [#230]
  • [customers] Fix customers grids not filtering by mode [S16283]
  • [dashboard] Fix “enabled in test” always being checked when editing payment/shipping methods [S16260]
  • [dashboard] On orders grid, shipping method would show the ID of the shipment instead of the shipping method if the method wasn’t found
  • [stock] Refactored EnforceStock module. Now also monitors for stock changes while customer moves through checkout.

Work on Commerce 0.11 is ongoing but taking a bit longer than expected. It’s probably still 2-3 weeks away from being ready for testing, with new features like adding a primary image to products, duplicating products, new ways to implement fulfillment options through custom shipment types, showing formatted addresses on the order view, improved checkout flow logic, and viewing additional transaction information.

Very nice patch! I’m looking forward to testing it.

Regarding “Refactored EnforceStock”, how actually is the logic now?

Customer A wants to buy Product X, which has 1 item in stock left, but leaves the order-process for a coffee.
Meanwhile Customer B also wants it, will he be able to order it? Or is there a timeout now?

There’s no timeout or “real-time” updated stock based on pending orders. While Customer A is making coffee, Customer B can add the product to their cart and place the purchase.

When Customer A comes back and tries to move forward in the checkout (e.g. adding address or choosing shipping method), they’ll get a message saying the product is sold out.

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