Commerce 0.10.2 & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Let’s kick off 2018 right, with some more Commerce bug fixes! :slight_smile:

Commerce v0.10.2-pl is now available from our package provider, and brings with it 2 bug fixes related to previous addresses being shown on the Address step of the checkout. On MySQL 5.7 with only_full_group_by mode (which is enabled by default), previous addresses wouldn’t show.

There was also a bug in the default templates, causing it to show previous shipping addresses under the billing address header. Functionally it worked fine, as addresses can be used as any type, but that wasn’t really the intention. Using a custom theme? Follow these instructions to check/correct the issue in your own templates.

Changelog for this release:

  • [checkout] Fix issue loading previously used addresses on MySQL 5.7 with only_full_group_by mode [S13477]
  • [core] Add missing Order and Address relations to comOrderAddress
  • [templates] Fix address step in checkout showing previous shipping instead of billing addresses under Billing Address [S13577]