Commerce 0.10.0-rc2: a massive new release (again)

Commerce 0.10.0-rc2 is now available. If you haven’t read about what’s new in 0.10, check it out:

v0.10.0-rc2 has so many new features and improvements that it would have made a pretty good v0.11 release, but as that would make things more confusing, we’re just going to go with 0.10.

Most changes are automatically applied on upgrade, but some require manual upgrades (like template changes) as documented here.

Checkout improvements

The country selector is now automatically available in the current language, based on the locale system/context setting. Previous addresses and the addresses in the summary are now automatically formatted based on country-specific rules instead of being hardcoded in a certain format.

A bug that caused lots of additional (empty) orders being created by customers looking at the cart/checkout page after completing an order has been fixed. It’s possible to see some stale products in your cart after the upgrade following this fix.

Editing an order

It’s now possible to change order items. Add, edit, or remove. Totals and taxes are automatically recalculated as well. Quantity/product changes also update the stock levels for affected products. (Changing order addresses is still on the to-do list)

Email Improvements

There’s now a new email template for the notification to the merchant. The link to view the order in the dashboard now actually works. Both the merchant and customer email now include the billing and shipping address.

The email status change actions now support multiple email addresses as a comma separated list, and a BCC option was also added.

Reporting Improvements

Several reports received some usability enhancements. Selecting a product is now done with a prefilled select box instead of a numberfield expecting an ID, and the products report can optionally include (soft-)deleted products as well.

We also added 3 new export formats to all reports: Excel 2007 (.xslx), Excel 5 (.xls) and HTML.

Full Changelog

This release has 8 new features, 10 improvements and 11 bug fixes, 5 days after we added 8 features, 9 improvements and 16 bug fixes in 0.10.0-rc1!

New features:

  • [checkout] Automatically load translated country names in the address step [#196]
  • [dashboard] Add ability to add, edit, and remove items on an order in the dashboard [#169]
  • [emails] Add new order-to-merchant.twig template with a nicer email notification [#210]
  • [emails] Add support for BCC addresses [#206]
  • [emails] Recipient and BCC addresses now support multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma [#206]
  • [reports] Add 3 new export formats: Excel 2007 (xlsx), Excel 5 (xls) and HTML
  • [reports] “Products” report now has an option to optionally include deleted products
  • [templates] New format_address twig filter to automatically format addresses properly per country, courtesy of CommerceGuys\Addressing


  • [core] Move comOrder->getCurrency to comSimpleObject->getCurrency so it’s available on any object
  • [core] Replace deprecated phine/country dependency with CommerceGuys\Intl
  • [dashboard] Making changes to the items on an order also updates the stock for the relevant products
  • [emails] The order-received.twig template now includes customer address information [#208]
  • [reports] For the “customers that bought a product” report, the product field is now a searchable dropdown
  • [reports] “Customers that bought a product” report now includes processing and completed order states
  • [reports] Use lexicons for order and product type report options
  • [snippets] The commerce.get_cart snippet now calculates the order totals again to make sure it’s accurate [S15653]
  • [templates] Changed the checkout/partial/summary.twig to show autoformatted addresses
  • [templates] Changed the checkout/partial/previous-address.twig to show autoformatted addresses, without the vcard

Bug fixes:

  • [core] Fix incorrect (too strict) validation on ProductField
  • [core] Fix percentage formatter and tax rule condition float comparisons in non-EN locales
  • [core] Reduce amount of “Attempt to set NOT NULL field to NULL” errors sent to the log
  • [checkout] Prevent empty orders being created after completing the checkout and viewing the cart [S15680]
  • [checkout] Fix “Encountered empty NOT IN condition with key id” in error log when viewing an empty cart
  • [checkout] Fix 3 more instances of “shipping” and “billing” not being translated [S15684]
  • [dashboard] Fix false property values being shown as “yes” on order addresses
  • [dashboard] Fix status change link not using AJAX navigation
  • [emails] The merchant email notification now has a valid link to the order in the manager [#197]
  • [settings] Fix show_beta_warning and shipping_total_field settings getting a double commerce. prefix [S15653]
  • [snippets] Fix commerce.get_orders snippets not showing users’ orders [S13477]