ClientConfig stuck on saving settings

I am using MODX Revo 2.5.5 and have multiple contexts set up. I would love to use ClientConfig to have some site settings that each ‘owner’ could access. It would solve me a world of headaches to be honest :slight_smile:

But, when I go to save a setting, it just sits there and never saves. Oddly, groups will save absolutely no problem.

Any thoughts on why I can’t add settings? Is it the multiple contexts that is messing it up?

Any chance you’re using PHP 5.3?

I am Mark, 5.3.29. Shall I push it up a notch to 5.4. Or will your extra run better with 7?

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you have the option I’d go to 5.6 or 7.

OK, cool. Thanks Mark :slight_smile:

Quick update. Server upgraded to 5.6 and everything works perfectly (on very initial testing) with the plugin. Thanks for the pointer and what (hopefully) will save me hours of messing around with menu configurations and ACLs! Have had enough of both today.

Cheers Mark :slight_smile:

Hi Mark

Can you please let me know if it is possible to have context specific settings in ClientConfig? That’s really what I need as I am running multiple contexts and want ‘owners’ to be able to access only their settings.


That’s not a feature yet, but is in progress. It can be tracked on github:

Any thoughts on ETA for that? I did spot your thread on the MODX forum and it seems like a feature that a few folks are asking for. It would definitely make the extra a ‘must have’ on all sites. I know it is free but it would be good to know if I need an interim ‘hack’ at this stage or not.

I try to not give ETAs because I am terrible at determining accurate ETAs. :stuck_out_tongue: All I know for sure is that it wont be complete this week or next week, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be available the week after that. It’s probably going to be 1-2 days of work to get the UI done in a way that makes me happy about it, but I don’t have 1-2 days of time planned for it yet.

To help it move up the priority ladder, you could consider pitching in on the bounty on bountysource. It’s at $50 now. Every time someone pitches in it is a clear sign that it is a feature they really want.

That’s completely fair :slight_smile:

I will look at making a contribution for you as that seems only fair as well!