Child resources of SimpleCart Products (enhanced product variants)


the current shop project requires the use of sub-resources of SimpleCart Product resources:

Master Product 1
-> Product variant 1.1
-> Product Variant 1.2
-> Product Variant 1.3

The problem is, that the SimpleCart Product grid doesn’t show sub-resources - only the master product.
Any idea on how to handle this?

I already thought about using the resource properties field for storing the id of the master resource but this could be a massive performance problem.

I hope “Commerce” will support parent/child products from scratch. :smile:

Never mind - I dropped the resource -> sub-resource idea and solved it with a TV field which holds a comma separated list of sub-resource IDs.

A real parent / child solution would need too much changes to SimpleCart.

Nevertheless Commerce should really support this out of the box I think!

Sorry for not responding here soon Martin. Been trying to come up with a way to do that, but SimpleCart is pretty set on the category > product relation. You can do nested categories but no nested products that I can come up with.

Commerce will let you manage your catalog any way you want to, even by using other extras like SimpleCart or MiniShop - or a custom database table! That’s one of the key areas we’ll talk about while getting ready for the release :slight_smile:

No problem - as I wrote above, I solved this by using a TV which holds the IDs of the “child” resources.
Can’t wait for Commerce - the suspense is killing me! :smile: