Checkout and Cart questions


I have 2 questions.

  1. Confusing with cart and checkout settings.
“The cart is usually on its own resource (identified by the commerce.cart_resource system setting), which the Commerce installation will have created for you. You can change the MODX template and presentation of this page to your liking.”

Cart resource is same than checkout resource :
“In Commerce, the Cart is actually part of the Checkout, so it’s not necessary to create a separate Cart resource with the commerce.cart snippet.”

Then need I set
commerce.cart_resource system/context setting to the ID of the resource containing
[[!commerce.checkout]] and ignore the cart page ?

  1. Register Checkout CSS is enabled in system settings
    CSS file are in the right place (assets/components/commerce/frontend/)
    but CSS is not added to the checkout page (on an advanced MODX installation with /core folder in a cutom location)

I use MinifyX, and I don’t know if it can disturb the Commerce CSS registering.

I can understand the confusion. Most users will have a separate cart and checkout resource, but that’s not required and if the cart and checkout resource settings point to the same, then the cart will actually be on the checkout.

So you can do either. Have a separate cart resource with [[!commerce.cart]], or only have one checkout resource with [[!commerce.checkout]] and set both settings to the same resource ID.

When doing the latter, you may need to tweak the add-to-cart form to add the step parameter (in the form action): [[~[[++commerce.checkout_resource]]? &step=`cart`]] (The examples in the documentation only show the separate cart resource way.)

I’m not aware of any issues with MinifyX, do you see the CSS files being added to the markup of the page at all?