Changing ressource type to Gallery not working


I don’t know, when it happened, but I remember, that I was able to change the ressource type to gallery after I created a new document in the tree. This is not longer possible. The topic Gallerie/Gallery ist missing in the selection dropdown box.

Also New Gallery is missing in the create popup, when I right click on the tree. Only the icon is visible at the top of the tree and if I click it, I am able to create a Gallery document, but in the ressource type there is instead of gallerie/gallery “mgResource” written. If I change that to document and save, the ressource is a “normal” document-ressource, but I can not change back to gallery-ressource type.

I am using MoreGallery MoreGallery 1.12.0-pl and MODX 2.8.4.

Anyone help?

Thanks, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Are you seeing any errors in the browser console and/or the MODX error log?

Also, could you have a look at your extension_packages system setting, and see if MoreGallery is listed in the JSON?

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Hi Murray,
it seems, that I have to look more often in the error_log, there are many errors, from which I understand no one.

I made a cut of the last 2 days, you can find it here, (40kb)

and I would be very thankful, if you could take a look on it. I anonymized the exact server path.
(Or would it be better to post the part of the error log here? And do not know, what is usual?

And yes, the MoreGallery is shown in the extension_packages system setting.


Thank you!

Hi Thomas,

I can’t see anything in the MODX log there that would be related to this issue.
Note that if you’d like to prevent those deprecated notices from being logged, you can set the deprecated_log system setting to No.

Can you see if there’s anything related in the server’s PHP logs?

Otherwise, if you’d like us to take a closer look, feel free to email modmore support! :slight_smile: