Change submit button?

Hello there,

is there a possibility to change the label/value of the form submit button? I cannot find any information on this … but maybe I’m just overseeing it.

Thanks for your help and regards!

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I’m with Christian, I’ve looked and look and can’t find how to amend the Submit button value/label.

any clues on where to find it?



I’m sorry this did not get a response sooner @cleuenberg! Totally missed it.

Formalicious uses two lexicons depending on wether it’s the final or one if the intermediate steps:

  • formalicious.submit

These can be edited by going to System (cog icon) » Lexicon Management. Choose formalicious in the namespace dropdown, and search for submit and next. If you want to change it for different languages, use the language selector at the top of the grid as well.

Changes made in lexicon management will be preserved when you update Formalicious in the future. You may need to clear the MODX cache to see changes.