CB tries to create thumbnails and crops for SVG

I have a CB-Gallery field with sponsor logos, some of them in PNG, some in SVG. It works fine so far, but when rebuilding the CB-Fields, I noticed that there a lots of error messages for the SVGs:

[pThumb] Resource: 3598 || Image: 
Could not cache thumbnail to file at: /www/htdocs/XXXXXXXXX/assets/image
Resizer debug output:
[0] => Resizer v1.0.1
[1] => Using GD
[2] => Input file: /www/htdocs/XXXXXXXXX/assets/XXX/media/logi/3598/BMBF_Logo.svg
[3] => Input options: 
'w' => '300',
'f' => 'jpeg'
[4] => *** Error *** Unable to open image 

Also in the image-field, when you defined a crop and then use an svg-image in that field you get into trouble.

Maybe there should be an internal check that prevents thumbnails and crops for svg-images.