CB and Sterc Image Cropper: CB-Rebuild problem

I’m using the Sterc ImageCropper TV to add a category image in different crops to each project page that can then be used in an overview page.

But I also want to use of these crops as an wide optional title image for the same page. So I created a chunk block with the [[ImageCropper]]-snippet inside to get the cropped image. This works quite well so far.

But when I use the Rebuild Content-Button of CB, all the ImageCropperTV-Images are gone from the rendered pages (they are still in place in the manager view). They only re-appear after opening and saving every page by hand.

So what is happening here and how can I avoid it?

Try comparing the raw content (visible in quick update) before and after a rebuild. Snippets and chunks should be left alone in the rebuild but it sounds to me like they may not have been?


<img src="[[ImageCropper? &image=`{"image":"assets/da2020/media/galleries/189-alles,-alles-in-97-minuten/5R3A7255_1500.jpg","sizes":{"standard":{"name":"standard","size":"800x400","key":"standard","width":800,"height":400,"ratio":2,"proportion":"2x1","imageWidth":1500,"imageHeight":1000,"canvasWidth":1500,"canvasHeight":750,"scaleX":1,"scaleY":1,"x":0,"y":131,"image":"assets/crops/5R3A7255_1500-80d161f1a4a1598223803abe496053c5.jpg"},"seitenkopf":{"name":"seitenkopf","size":"2000x600","key":"seitenkopf","width":2000,"height":600,"ratio":3.3333333333333335,"proportion":"4x1","imageWidth":1500,"imageHeight":1000,"canvasWidth":1500,"canvasHeight":450,"scaleX":1,"scaleY":1,"x":0,"y":252,"image":"assets/crops/5R3A7255_1500-58d316ddad5cdd1a179d5fe09836ad7d.jpg"}}}` &field=`seitenkopf`]]" alt="">


<img src="[[ImageCropper? &image=`[[*projekt-foto]]` &field=`seitenkopf`]]" alt="">