Caption field in db empty

Noticed that imported image caption field is empty in DB. Is there any way to get, for example iptc caption field, to render in it when import image?

There’s no caption field in MoreGallery. If you mean the image name field, that should indeed be autofilled from the IPTC fields Caption, Headline, or DocumentTitle.

The last one in that list which is not empty will be used for the image name when uploaded.

The moregallery.prefill_from_iptc system setting needs to be enabled for that to work, but that’s enabled by default so shouldn’t need any change.

Sorry my typo. There is a description field in DB which is empty. It would be nice if IPTC caption would fill this field. Yes, IPTC prefill is on.

That’d be kinda tricky given the IPTC “caption” is already used for the name…

Hmm. So far all gallery softwares that I`ve used get IPTC data (or can be configured which IPTC field to use) like: Name=documenttitle, Description=caption.

I guess making it configurable would be good. That could default to the current behavior, while allowing you to use it the way you’d like as well. Logged an issue - will report back here when I’ve had time to implement that.

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