Can't add "new provider"

Hi I’m trying to add modmore as a package provider but on ssubmitting the Add new provider form in my MODX nothing happens. I’ve done this more than often before (but on a different server) so i don’t understand whats happening.
tracking the network connection in chrome shows me the page is being submitted to but notghing comes back from the server. Calling that url directly in my browser results in a {“success”:false,“message”:“Access denied.”,“total”:0,“data”:[],“object”:{“code”:401}}
Anyone else having trouble in Modx 2.5.6-pl?


Anything in your MODX or PHP error logs?

It’s weird that the connector response is completely empty, could point to an unexpected error somewhere…

You’re right there is an error:
[2017-04-07 14:14:36] (ERROR @ /var/www/clients/client012/web82/web/core/model/modx/rest/modrestclient.class.php : 241) Could not connect to provider at:

I’ll talk to the ISP on monday see if modmore needs to be whitelisted.

It might be worth checking your server info for the requirements listed here as well:


I appears the IP address of changed. Thats why the whitelist didn’t work anymore.
My ISP fixed it


Glad that sorted it :slight_smile: We did indeed move servers a few weeks ago.