Can templates handle TV-like fields?

I’m trying the following but i’m getting the impression CB can’t do this?

I want to create my own template that holds a heading and some content and an image. the url of the image is to be used as an style="background-image: [[+image-url]]". how do i set that up?
The idea is that my client only needs to insert a template and choose a different image for each ‘row’ that they insert with the template?

can it be done?


At the moment ContentBlocks doesn’t have image or file setting types, so that’s a bit tricky. There’s a workaround where you craft your markup slightly differently and use a regular image field to fill your background. The repeater input can also be useful in similar cases.

Image settings are top of my list for ContentBlocks 1.7.

got an ETA for that?

Afraid not. My to do list at the moment can be summarised as:

  1. Finish and release Commerce beta
  2. Finish and release Redactor 3
  3. Work on features planned for ContentBlocks 1.7 and figure out an ETA

When I reach item 3, I’ll let you know :wink:

Looks like 1.7 will arrive after christmas then :wink:

Maybe. Maybe not.

(I definitely expect 1.7 way before Christmas, but I just need to finish those other pieces before I can figure out how long that will take :stuck_out_tongue: )

Once again it is shown that priorities can change, but that’s good news for you :stuck_out_tongue:

ContentBlocks 1.7 with image settings is now available in pre-release: