Can I make Redactor add a 'title' attribute to img-tag?

the title says it all i guess. can i make it so that an image inserted with redactor gets an title tag?

When you click on an image and choose edit, there’s a Title field there that you can fill. That will add it to the alt attribute, which is a bit confusing perhaps for technical users looking for the alt tag.

If you want an actual title attribute, I don’t think that’s currently available from within Redactor. IIRC, Redactor 3 does support figure/figcaption as a future alternative, but, before you ask, I don’t have a release date for that just yet :wink:

Imperavis Redactor places the the alt/title text in BOTH the alt tag and the title tag.
Modmores redactor only seems to set the alt tag

That’ll be in sync again when we release v3 :slight_smile: