Can ContentBlocks be removed?

We had an old site design we wanted to archive just for nostalgia puposes later on, but ContentBlocks didn’t like running on another non-developer subdomain, so we uninstalled it on the archived site. However, apparently it removed or hid all the content it was managing.

Is there a way to sort of burn in the HTML into the standard MODx content fields before uninstalling ContentBlocks?

ContentBlocks always “burn” resulting HTML into [[*content]] field while saving resource. This is due to performance reasons. If you don’t need to edit the resource after that, you don’t need CB anymore. You can definitely render such resources even after uninstalling CB.

The trouble comes if you try to edit the resource after uninstalling CB:

  • if resource is not “richtext” or you don’t use some RTE editor, you see resulting HTML, which can be a mess for ordinary user. But it still can be edited on HTML level
  • if you use richtext (e.g. TinyMCE RTE) and try to edit the resource, HTML stored in content field might be cleaned up, depending on RTE configuration. This can result in completely changed HTML structure