Calculate VAT is by default ex VAT

I have a issue with my shop showing prices incl VAT.
When I like to use 21% VAT and have a product from 10 euro this is ex VAT.
Its not possible to show the 21% VAT of the 10 euro. It shows 10 euro ex VAT and adds the VAT ( 2,10 euro).

Example below, my product is € 10,-

I need this on the checkout/billing:
ex VAT € 8,25
21% VAT € 1,75
incl VAT € 10

Its not possible.

All I can do is:
ex VAT € 10,-
21% VAT € 2,10
incl VAT € 12,10

Hi Marc! Welcome to our shiny new forum :smiley:

SimpleCart is indeed hardwired to assume prices exclusive of VAT, and applying the VAT on top of that based on your rules. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get it the way you like, but it does complicate things a bit.

We’ve already discussed this via email, but to reiterate and to have the info available for others too:

  1. The first thing to do is to add the price exclusive of VAT to your products. So the product price would be set to €8,25.
  2. Then add a VAT record without any rules to act as the default, making it so SimpleCart can apply that to the product without needing to know any customer information like country or VAT registration.
  3. To show prices inclusive of VAT on your product pages, use [[*product_tax_in_formatted]] instead of [[*product_price_formatted]] and [[+product_tax_in_formatted]] instead of [[+product_price_formatted]] in product listings using getResources.

The biggest problem as we discussed is that it isn’t possible to set prices inclusive of VAT on the product, and then have SimpleCart calculate the portion of VAT automatically. If there’s more demand for that we should be able of developing a plugin that handles that calculation automatically when saving the product resource.

Your calculation is off by a few cents by the way (which can be troublesome when assuming ex + tax pricing), exclusive should be €8,27 with €1,73 VAT to make it to €10.

Hi Mark, forum looks very good :smile:

Yea we had this discussed. Thought I would post it here aswell and maybe someone has a solution for this. I can’t/won’t sell SC to clients before I have this fixed.

I know it would be possible when adding the price ex VAT in the manager but thats not what I want to let my clients (and myself) do.

The good ex VAT price actually would be about 8,264463. 
8,27 indeed gives 10,0067 but could be a small issue after having several products!

I will wait for more demand on this.

Hi Mark,

I remember I discussed the same issue with Bert in Cologne.
Well, I guess to use the ext VAT is a good temporalily solution for me, but what shoud be able to input 18.644 instead only 18.64. So I get 19,95 in the cart.
I could change the input field in my project, but with every update I had to do it again. So I suggest to increase the digits after the dot to four or five digits.

Any news about this topic? I have the same problem at the moment. The prices in my customers shop are already with vat included…

Is there a a plugin that handles that calculation automatically?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Leif,

I don’t think anyone wrote that plugin in the mean time, but it should be possible to do. With a plugin OnDocFormSave, you can grab the entered price that’s in a TV, do your tax calculation to get the price excluding vat, and save that into the SimpleCart product meta table.

Alternatively, if prices inclusive of VAT are an absolute requirement for your project, you could consider Commerce which has it built in.

So, it is possible to show the price on the detailpage and the list with VAT included as shown above.

But are there placeholders for the cart/checkout to show the right prices?

Something like:

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure if this works…

Is set the product price without the VAT (19%)
€ 8,10

results in: € 9.639

results in: € 9,64

The right result including the 19% VAT should be:
€ 10,00

What i’m doing wrong?

19% VAT on €8,10 = 8,10/100x19 = 1,539
So €8,10 plus €1,539 vat = €9,639
(Or put simpler 8,10 x 1,19 = €9,639)

The price ex vat would be

10 / (100 + 19) x 100 = 8,40
(which checks out: 8,40 x 1,19 = 9,996 ~= 10)

So you’re doing it right, just with the wrong price ex vat :wink:

Oh man… :wink:

But how can i get an formated output like:


Is that possible?

I thought you said this worked?

EDIT: just saw your ticket, I understand what you’re asking now with the additional detail there. I think [[+product.totals.subtotal_formatted]] might be the one you need.

Thanks for your help!

[[+product.totals.subtotal_formatted]] was the one that i’m looking for.

And the SimpleCart update solved my rounding issues. :slight_smile:

Another question, sorry!

[[+product.totals.subtotal_formatted]] is already including the coupons. Is there also a placeholder for the total of one product WITHOUT any coupons?