Best practice: Folderstructure inside Media Manager

whats your best practice for organizing images in folders inside the MODX Media Manager?

Ive got a project with 300 pages (100 Contentpages and 200 Newspages) and i use ContentBlocks for uploading. So we have two images per pages, lets say we have 600 images.

Here are some solutions i’ve got in mind. Goal: Find uploaded photos fast and intuitiv.

A folder for every page called like the alias.
pro: no deep folder structure
contra: a lot of folder inside the first level

All Images in one folder and sorted by uploaddate DESC
pro: last images are easy findable
contra: large loading impact on opening (no lazyload)

All Images in one year folder and sorted by uploaddate DESC
pro: last images are easy findable, no large loading impact because grouped by years
idea: prefix uploaded file with alias_ for better search

I also hide the crops folder via SkipFiles inside mediasource for simplicity.

I typically use something like [[+year]]/[[+alias]]/ or [[+ultimate_parent_alias]]/[[+year]]/[[+month]]/ as my upload path, but of course you can use anything you like.

Reference of available placeholders here.

That’s clever - never thought of doing that before.

In these scenarios, do duplicate images not bug you? Having the same file uploaded with 10+ different names would drive me insane.

I’m probably missing something - why would you upload it 10 times? :stuck_out_tongue:

The benefit of using the alias/ultimate_parent_alias placeholder is automatic grouping in a way that’s understandable. So if you’re uploading to the “team” page which places images in team/2021/01, you’ll know where to look in the browser the next time you want to grab your team picture somewhere else.

The year/month of course is optional but can be nice to avoid really big directories.

I’m thinking multiple users who are likely unaware of prior uploads putting a team picture on the Team page, a few blog posts, the About Us page, etc… so now the same team.jpg is uploaded in 3+ times.