Any ideas on how to realize a "Wishlist" feature with SimpleCart?

Anyone having an idea on how to realize a Wishlist feature with MODX SimpleCart?

Maybe something like CookieList?

Thanks, Mark - so many Add-Ons out there I still don’t know… :smile:

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By the way, this is the second time I don’t receive emails from modmore. Yesterday I filed a support ticket and never got a confirmation email. And also no notification mails from your forum software for my last two topics. Hmm…

If you send in multiple emails in a single day to support, it may only send you one. Think that limitation has to do with preventing auto responders from taking over by constantly replying to each other :stuck_out_tongue:

Does look like I have one more ticket from you to respond to, will look into that in a bit.

The forum last sent you an email Jan 12, 2016 6:02 pm notifying you about a response on the simplecart child resources topic. I know it doesn’t send emails if it detects you’re online, so maybe that’s why? Might be worth checking your notification settings at to make sure that’s set up to your liking.