Agenda v1.1.0 beta is available for testing

The first public beta of Agenda 1.1 is available.

All changes and additions in this release:

  • AgendaEvent FormIt Hooks
  • Extended fields for events
  • AgendaCalendar snippet
  • Log invalid date snippet properties
  • allowedRequestKeys snippet property for AgendaList, AgendaCalendar, AgendaDetail, AgendaCategories, AgendaCalendars and AgendaLocations snippets
  • Selected property for AgendaCategories, AgendaCalendars and AgendaLocations snippet
  • Alt click on the linked resource quickedit button opens a new full edit window
  • Show category colors/backgrounds in the overview
  • Display an Add button in every half hour row in the day view of the overview
  • Remove the edit button in the overview and make the event clickable
  • Use a more common value for the enddate/repeating enddate of an all day event
  • Fix a css issue with the linked resource combo box
  • Update composer dependencies