Agenda 1.5.0

Version 1.5.0 of Agenda is available. The new version has some very nice additions.

  • Agenda modules for better customizability
  • Import and export of events (CSV, XML and Excel)
  • Add fulldescription and link values to the overview result
  • Add custom repeat type to allow adding own event dates
  • Add filterByEvents property for AgendaCalendars, AgendaCategories and AgendaLocations snippet
  • Snippet property where for all snippets
  • State save of column visibility and sorting for the events grid
  • OnAgendaBeforeSave/OnAgendaSave/OnAgendaDelete system events for most Agenda database classes
  • Add modx-texteditor as editor type in the custom manager page
  • Add durationRound property for AgendaList, AgendaCalendar and AgendaDetail snippet

Of course, the bugs we know from the previous version are also fixed.