Admin - price field

Not sure if I’m missing something in configuration but in order to get a price like 15.00 I have to type in 1500 - it’s just a little odd and easy to make a mistake.

It is a little odd, but also working as intended. Prices are set in cents and rendered based on the currency on blur.

Ideally I’d like to have that automatically apply formatting while you type, however that has been surprisingly challenging to get right. Every homegrown solution and js library I’ve tried results in a very annoying user experience, with it losing focus or making it near impossible to correct a typo.

As odd as entering cents directly is, it’s the least “jerky” solution I’ve been able to find. Maybe I’ll revisit it for 1.4 to see if any new solutions are out there.

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Thank you - just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something I’d set up.