Adding a hyperlink with "insert file explorer" erase the selected text


we detected a unwanted behaviour in the “insert file” plugin.

when you select a text for adding a hyperlink to a file, and in eureka you select a existing file, the selected text will be replaced with the name of the file, when you chose the file.

Normally we expected that add only a hyperlink on the selected text…

It’s normal this behaviour ?


Hi Samuel,

No, that’s not the expected behaviour - but I did manage to replicate it so it isn’t you!

I’ve logged this in our tracker as #384 so we can look for a fix in the next release.

Hi @mhamstra !

there is some news about this issues #384? it’ll be fixed soon?

we read in the changelog of the version 2.0.4-pl some fix to eureka but nothing change for us…

The issues start to be a problem for our users :frowning:

Hi Samuel,

No news on that yet, sorry! Will definitely let you know as we fix that and have a release coming up.

Hi Samuel,

We believe this is fixed in 2.0.6-pl as well. Thanks for reporting this.