Add extra Attribute to redactor 2

I have searched all over the web for the documentation that fits into my working usecase for redactor 2, The working solutions I have gotten off the web and works for me isn’t on the redactor documentation for redactor 2, what is on the documentation does not work and throws an error,

      "green-title-1": {
        "title": "Green header 1",
        "api": "module.block.inline",
        "args": ["h1", {"class": "coriandr-green-text"}, "toggle"],

This is the only formating that works for me, but my challenge now is how to add attr to the args, so I could add an ID attribute to the object…

Are you talking about Redactor for MODX v2 or Imperavi’s redactor.js v2?

Those are two very different things and as you don’t have any Redactor for MODX licenses, I think you may be in the wrong place.

You are absolutely right, thanks for the clearance, saved some time and direction…