2 delivery types

Hello, I have 2 types of products on site - bikes & others
I add 2 delivery types - Standard & Bike Delivery
Then I add 3 shipping methods :

  • Free (Standard delivery)
  • Delivery parts (Standard delivery) - 5 euro
  • Bike ( Bike Delivery) - 30 euro

It works good, but If I add 1 Bike & 1 Helmet my total delivery will become 30 + 5 euro, but I need 30 euro only (Company will deliver bike & helmet delivery is included)

Should I add My custom Delivery ? Or custom Shipping ? Or both? thank you

Can be closed

This is not currently natively possible, but on the roadmap for the future.

As a work around I tend to suggest the weight-based shipping method where a bike is obviously going to be much heavier than the helmet, so you would set the 30 euro bike delivery to the minimum weight of a bike and below that the 5 euro standard delivery.