Sync images between translations with babel

(Istvan Velsz) #1

Is where a way to sync the images between my languages. I have a great project portfolio from an architect. Now he wants an english translation. Do I have to upload the images again or is where a way to sync the images like other TVs?

(Mark Hamstra) #2

I’m assuming this question is about MoreGallery? If so, it’s possible to retrieve images from a different resource by passing the &resource property to the mgGetImages snippet. That would allow you to show the images from your original language into the English site, without needing to duplicate them.

If you also need image names and descriptions translated, you’ll probably need to reupload/select all the images in the English site.

(Istvan Velsz) #3

I have a familiar problem. For normal pages I can use the BabelLinks snippet to get the resource id from default language, but I have problems to get the id in a getResource template chunk.

I have an overview about exhibitions. For every exhibition exists a thumbnail. This thumbnail will be generated with mgGetImages. But inside the template in the &resource parameter the BabelLinks snippet won’t work.

The code inside the template chunk of getResource:

        &resource=`[[BabelLinks? &tpl=`babel_id`]]`

(Istvan Velsz) #4

Ahhh. Got it. In the get resource snippet the id of the main document will be used, not of the linked resource.